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This Apps use Cron Jobs for Reboot DreamHost PS


  1. Unzip and upload “dreamReboot” folder to your server
  2. Open “config.cfg.txt” and add the API key and name of your PS server
  3. Rename “config.cfg.txt” to “config.cfg”
  4. Log into DreamHost panel and go to the Goodies > Cron Jobs

  5. Set the cron job when you like reboot your server
    The ideal time is Saturday evening at midnight, when there is usually the least number of visitors
    (es. “perl /home/[user]/dreamReboot/”)
  6. And that’s it!


From 0.4 to 0.5

  1. Unzip all files and folders
  2. Upload all files and folders, replacing the existing
  3. And that’s it!

From older version


Version 0.5 (13.10.2009)

  • Fix: Protect sensible files (*.pl, *.cfg and logs) using .htaccess
  • New: Separated Log for the 2 server
  • Fix: Elimination of /.stripey/ from con job address

Older version


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