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This plugin automatically add the rel=”lightbox[POST-ID]” to images linked in a post and in a comment, and recovers the image title. POST-ID is unique per post so all images per post are grouped in one LightBox set. Doesn’t add the files required for LightBox, it’s add the “rel lightbox” tag. You have to insert the required files yourself in your theme, you can find the required here or here, or use a plugin like Slimbox Plugin

It is inspired by Add Lightbox of Mdkart


  1. Unzip the file add-lightbox-title.php or the folder /add-lightbox-title/
  2. Upload it in /wp-content/plugins/ of your WordPress installation
  3. Activate the Plugin
  4. And that’s it!


How disable the automatic addition?
You must add rel=”nolighbox” to the image link



Version 1.5 (25.05.2010)

  • New: Compatible up to: 3.0

Older version


For download last version go to the Plugin Download Page on WordPress Plugin Directory

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