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Here you can find the changelog information of Add LightBox & Title.

Changelog for Version 1.5 (25.05.2010)

  • New: Compatible up to: 3.0

Changelog for Version 1.4 (27.02.2010)

  • New: Allow all characters in the name of the image (Thanks Thiago)

Changelog for Version 1.3 (10.01.2010)

  • New: Compatible up to: 2.9

Changelog for Version 1.2 (12.06.2009)

  • New: Compatible up to: 2.8

Changelog for Version 1.1 (31.03.2009)

  • Bug fix: If rel=”…” is alredy exist but not rel=”lightbox” add it
  • New: If user add rel=”nolighbox” not add rel=”lightbox[ID]“

Changelog for Version 1.0 (24.03.2009)

  • Bug fix: Add Lightbox to text link
  • Bug fix: Don’t add “rel=…” and “title=…” if already exist in the link

Changelog for Version 0.2 (20.03.2009)

  • Simplification of the code

Changelog for Version 0.1 (19.03.2009)

  • First Release

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